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Are You Winning or Whining with Leasing?

With the credit crisis and worsening of the economy over the past several years, have you felt a little like this?

“Leasing stinks! No one wants to spend their own money today but they don’t want to go into debt in this economy either. And when I do get a request for leasing, they’re either turned down or the rate is too high! Can’t I just sell to people who can pay cash?”

If so, the following information may help you to Win with Leasing and not leave so much money on the table.

The typical scenario I see is this:

  • The outlook on the economic future is pessimistic. This means closing a sale is tougher.
  • The equipment being sold is not the low price leader.
  • When the total cost of the equipment is quoted, the customer goes into sticker shock.
  • The customer compares his amount of available cash to the total cost and proceeds to demand deep discounts, inquire about used equipment, and wonders what kind of deal he can find on eBay.
  • As a last ditch effort to save a sale in jeopardy, the salesman suggests leasing.

And that is the Problem:

When leasing is used as a last ditch effort to save a sale, your customer already has a Negative Perception of Affordability and the Vicious Cycle of Adverse Selection begins. The Vicious Cycle of Adverse Selection begins when a salesman only offers financing as an option to those customers who cannot afford your product. You are then left with poor credit risks, and as your attitude towards financing declines, so do your chances of closing sales with prospects that may prefer using someone else’s money for their equipment acquisition rather than their own.

The Solution:

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